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Web Series Finalists 2022 (Gold Coast Film Festival)

Web Series Finalists 2022 (Gold Coast Film Festival) UNCL 15+

Each year the Gold Coast Film Festival is proud to support Queensland, Australian and international filmmakers, writers and creators through a number of awards including Best Australian and Best International Web Series. The Web Series finalists for 2022 are: AT THE PHEONIX - FILMMAKERS: SEBASTIAN CHAN, JOSHUA KOSKE - At the Phoenix bar, freshly-hired employee Richie cannot seem to catch a break in love, friendships, keeping the bar in order or even doing his job. As Richie’s bartending life begins to crumble around him he’ll have to learn that sometimes even the good guy needs to be… well, a better guy. (COMEDY) ||| DIANA - FILMMAKER: PETER KOEVARI - Diana, a young woman who receives an unexpected ability, must avoid capture and survive a nemesis intent on her destruction. (SCI-FI, DRAMA) ||| PHENOMENA - FILMMAKER: JOSEF GATTI - A psychedelic journey from chaos to geometry – where art and science collide to explore the patterns and evolution of nature and our relationship to it. Nine naturally-occurring phenomena are recreated to produce mesmerising art films accompanied by an original score from Kim Moyes of Australian dance music duo The Presets. (DOCUMENTARY, ART) ||| WIC 300 - FILMMAKER: ROBERT MOON - WIC 300 is California’s Welfare and Institutions Code Section 300, the set of statutes that dictates when children are removed from homes due to neglect, abuse and exploitation. At a busy child protective service agency dedicated to following this code, social workers use humour to survive. (DRAMA, COMEDY)
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93 mins

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