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There are already millions of members of our FREE movie club and the reason is simple, earn free movies, you only need to see 6 MOVIES TO GET ONE FREE. Plus if you book online you get 25 BONUS POINTS added to your account to earn even quicker to get your first movie FREE.



Standard 2D/3D
Earn 100
Burn 600
Vmax 2D/3D
Earn 150
Burn 900
Gold Class 2D/3D
Earn 250
Burn 1500


Family Pass
Earn 400
Screen Saver
Earn 75

*Screensaver tickets with Vmax Surcharges earn 100 points. Telstra Thanks tickets earn 50 points for standard and 75 for Vmax sessions. Telstra tickets do not qualify for the online bonus points. Moonlight GA can be redeemed at 600 and Moonlight Gold Grass can be redeemed at 1500 points. Moonlight GA Earn 100. Moonlight Gold Grass Earn 250.


As a Cine Buzz member with a current Student card you are entitled to even more benefits including; STUDENT ONLY DISCOUNTS.

To join Cine Buzz for Students present your student ID to a staff member at your favourite cinema and they will issue you with our Student joining code.
*$1.20 online booking fee applies, Surcharges apply for 3D and Vmax sessions. Not valid for Gold Class. Additional discounts may be available at select cinemas. Not valid public holidays.
If you are a frequent movie-goer that has earned 150 status credits in a rolling 12 month period your membership will be upgraded to Cine Buzz VIP.

Cine Buzz VIP members enjoy lots of great additional benefits including; Bottomless popcorn and VIP only offers and promotions.
Cine Buzz Chicks at the Flicks is one of the most popular Cine Buzz memberships. The Chicks at the Flicks program features preview screening events of the hottest Chick Flicks, with market stalls, lucky door prizes and a goodie bag filled with fabulous female products for all attendees.

To join, select 'Cine Buzz Chicks at the Flicks' on the final page of registration or edit your email preferences in your online profile to include Cine Buzz Chicks at the Flicks.
Cine Buzz members over the age of 60 gain access to the following great cinemas benefits:
- $8 standard tickets every day
- Morning Tea screenings
- Earn points towards free tickets
- Free breakfast with eligible stays at Rydges Hotels & Resorts
- Discount tours at Sydney State Theatre
Cine Buzz for Seniors is FREE to join.
*$1.20 online booking fee applies. Surcharges apply for Vmax and 3D sessions. Not valid in Gold Class. Not valid after 5pm on Saturdays.
Cine Buzz Crew is a loyalty program for movie-goers aged between 3 – 14 yrs old.

Crew members receive all the awesome benefits of Cine Buzz, including earning points towards FREE^ movies and access to awesome movie games and activities.

Get your parent or guardian to join you now.
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