Sessions: Thu 16 November - Wed 22 November
Browns Plains 07 3809 3422
Grand Plaza Shopping Centre, 27-49 Browns Plains Road
Browns Plains, QLD, 4118
Justice League (M) 120 mins No Free Tickets

Sat 9:30PM 3D

Sun Mon Wed 10:50AM, 1:30PM 3D, 4:10PM, 6:50PM

Tue 10:50AM, 1:30PM 3D, 4:10PM, 6:50PM, 9:30PM 3D

Traditional Sessions
Bad Moms 2 (MA15+) 104 mins

Sat 9:20PM

Sun 10:15AM, 12:00PM, 2:00PM, 7:00PM

Mon Wed 10:15AM, 12:40PM, 3:00PM, 4:20PM, 7:00PM

Tue 10:15AM, 12:40PM, 3:00PM, 4:20PM, 7:00PM, 9:20PM

Daddy's Home 2 (PG) 98 mins No Free Tickets

Sun 10:00AM, 12:15PM, 2:30PM, 4:45PM, 7:00PM

Geostorm (M) 109 mins

Sat 9:15PM

Mon Tue 10:15AM, 5:20PM

Wed 10:15AM, 5:15PM

Hey Duggee Cinema Experience (G) 63 mins

Sun 10:00AM, 11:40AM

Mon Tue Wed 10:15AM

Jigsaw (MA15+) 92 mins

Sat 9:30PM

Sun 4:50PM

Mon Wed 12:00PM, 2:15PM, 4:50PM, 6:45PM

Tue 12:00PM, 2:15PM, 4:50PM, 6:45PM, 9:30PM

Justice League (M) 120 mins No Free Tickets

Sat 7:45PM, 8:40PM

Sun Mon Wed 12:10PM, 12:40PM, 2:40PM, 3:20PM 3D, 5:10PM, 6:00PM, 7:40PM

Tue 12:10PM, 12:40PM, 2:40PM, 3:20PM 3D, 5:10PM, 6:00PM, 7:45PM, 8:40PM

Murder on the Orient Express (M) 114 mins No Free Tickets

Sat 8:45PM

Sun 10:30AM, 1:00PM, 2:20PM, 3:30PM, 6:15PM

Mon 10:30AM, 12:00PM, 1:00PM, 2:25PM, 3:30PM, 6:15PM

Tue 10:30AM, 12:00PM, 1:00PM, 2:25PM, 3:30PM, 6:15PM, 8:45PM

Wed 10:00AM, 12:00PM, 12:30PM, 2:25PM, 3:30PM, 6:15PM

My Little Pony: The Movie (G) 104 mins

Sun Mon Tue Wed 10:00AM

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! (PG) 100 mins

Sun 4:30PM, 6:45PM

The Emoji Movie (G) 91 mins

Sun Mon Tue Wed 10:00AM

Thor: Ragnarok (M) 130 mins

Sat 9:00PM

Sun 11:00AM, 1:15PM, 4:00PM, 6:45PM

Mon 10:30AM, 1:15PM, 4:00PM, 6:45PM

Tue 10:30AM, 1:15PM, 4:00PM, 6:45PM, 7:45PM, 9:00PM

Wed 1:00PM, 3:45PM, 7:30PM

Three Summers (M) 103 mins

Wed 10:30AM

Wonder (PG) 113 mins No Free Tickets

Wed 6:30PM

Film Synopsis
Justice League (M)
Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy.
Murder on the Orient Express (M)
A lavish train ride through Europe quickly unfolds into the thrilling mystery of thirteen strangers stranded on a train, where everyone's a suspect. One man must race against time to solve the puzzle before the murderer strikes again.
Thor: Ragnarok (M)
Thor must face the Hulk in a gladiator match and save his people from the ruthless Hela.
Bad Moms 2 (MA15+)
Amy, Carla and Kiki struggle to cope when their respective mothers visit for the holidays.
Daddy's Home 2 (PG)
In the sequel to the 2015 global smash, father and stepfather, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell) have joined forces to provide their kids with the perfect Christmas. Their newfound partnership is put to the test when Dusty’s old-school, macho Dad (Mel Gibson) and Brad’s ultra-affectionate and emotional Dad (John Lithgow) arrive just in time to throw the holiday into complete chaos.
Jigsaw (MA15+)
Dead bodies begin to turn up all over the city, each meeting their demise in a variety of grisly ways. All investigations begin to point the finger at deceased killer John Kramer.
Wonder (PG)
A young boy born with a facial deformity is destined to fit in at a new school, and to make everyone understand he's just another ordinary kid, and that beauty isn't skin deep.
Hey Duggee Cinema Experience (G)
Join Duggee and the Squirrels for the first time on the big screen for one big hour of woofs, sing-a-longs and fun! Featuring brand new episodes and exclusive interactive content for your little Squirrel to dance, sing and groove along with Duggee and the Squirrels
Three Summers (M)
From internationally renowned writer director Ben Elton comes Three Summers, an ensemble comedy that embraces the diversity of modern Australia. At a summer music festival, the feisty lead singer of an Irish folk band (Rebecca Breeds) meets a folk music-hating Theremin player (Robert Sheehan) and sparks literally fly.
Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! (PG)
Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town, is 10 years old today, which means he's now old enough to become a Pokémon Trainer. Ash dreams big about the adventures he will experience after receiving his first Pokémon from Professor Oak.
The Emoji Movie (G)
Gene, a multi-expressional emoji, sets out on a journey to become a normal emoji.
My Little Pony: The Movie (G)
When a dark force threatens Ponyville and the Mane 6, they go on a journey to the end of Equestria to save their beloved home and they meet new friends and dangerous challenges along the way.
Geostorm (M)
When the network of satellites designed to control the global climate start to attack Earth, it's a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide geostorm wipes out everything and everyone.