Thu 25 April - Wed 1 May
Strathpine ()
Strathpine Shopping Centre, 295 Gympie Road, Strathpine, QLD, 4500
The Fall Guy (M) 126 mins No Free Tickets
Thu 1:45PM (Recliner,IR), 4:40PM (Recliner,IR), 7:30PM (Recliner,IR)
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed 10:00AM (Recliner,IR), 12:50PM (Recliner,IR), 3:40PM (Recliner,IR), 6:30PM (Recliner,IR)
Boy Kills World (CTC) 115 mins
Fri 6:45PM (Recliner,IR)
The Incredibles (PG) 121 mins
Sat Sun 10:00AM (IR)
Golda (PG) 100 mins
Wed 10:30AM (IR)
The Fall Guy (M)
He's a stuntman, and like everyone in the stunt community, he gets blown up, shot, crashed, thrown through windows and dropped from the highest of heights, all for our entertainment. And now, fresh off an almost career-ending accident, this working-class hero has to track down a missing movie star, solve a conspiracy and try to win back the love of his life while still doing his day job. What could possibly go right?
The Incredibles (PG)
Pixar's stylish 2004 blockbuster was their first film to feature human characters as its focus, and marked a turning point in the maturity of the stories they were telling...
Boy Kills World (CTC)
Skarsgård stars as "Boy" who vows revenge after his family is murdered by Hilda Van Der Koy (Janssen), the deranged matriarch of a corrupt post-apocalyptic dynasty that left the boy orphaned, deaf and voiceless. Driven by his inner voice, one which he co-opted from his favorite childhood video game, Boy trains with a mysterious shaman (Ruhian) to become an instrument of death and is set loose on the eve of the annual culling of dissidents. Bedlam ensues as Boy commits bloody martial arts mayhem, inciting a wrath of carnage and blood-letting. As he tries to get his bearings in this delirious realm, Boy soon falls in with a desperate resistance group, all the while bickering with the apparent ghost of his rebellious little sister.
Golda (PG)
Golda is a ticking-clock thriller set during the tense 19 days of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (Academy Award® winner Helen Mirren), faced with the potential of Israel's complete destruction, must navigate overwhelming odds, a skeptical cabinet, and a complex relationship with US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (Liev Schreiber), with millions of lives in the balance. Her tough leadership and compassion would ultimately decide the fate of her nation and leave her with a controversial legacy around the world.
IR - Infra-Red Hearing, Recliner - Recliner
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