Thu 4 November - Wed 10 November
Parramatta (02 9407 2777)
Level 4 159-175 Church Street, Parramatta, NSW, 2150
Eternals (M) 156 mins No Free Tickets
Thu 2:40PM 3D, 6:00PM 3D
Fri Sat 1:40PM 3D, 5:00PM 3D, 8:20PM 3D
Sun 3:40PM 3D, 7:00PM 3D
Eternals (M) 156 mins No Free Tickets
Thu Mon Tue 1:00PM, 2:45PM, 3:45PM, 6:00PM, 7:00PM
Sat 11:30AM, 12:30PM, 2:40PM, 4:15PM, 6:00PM, 7:30PM, 9:10PM
Sun 11:30AM, 12:30PM, 2:40PM, 3:40PM, 6:00PM, 7:00PM
Wed 12:45PM, 2:45PM, 3:45PM, 6:00PM, 7:00PM
Fri 12:45PM, 2:45PM, 4:15PM, 6:00PM, 7:30PM, 9:15PM
Halloween Kills (MA15+) 105 mins No Free Tickets
Sat Sun 11:00AM
Thu Fri Mon Tue Wed 12:30PM
Red Notice (M) 117 mins
Thu Mon Tue 1:15PM, 4:15PM, 6:45PM
Fri 1:15PM, 3:45PM, 6:20PM
Sat 3:45PM, 6:20PM
Sun 4:20PM, 6:45PM
Wed 1:15PM, 4:00PM
Sooryavanshi (CTC) 146 mins
Fri 8:50PM (ENG SUBS,Hindi)
Sat 1:15PM (ENG SUBS,Hindi), 8:50PM (ENG SUBS,Hindi)
Sun 1:15PM (ENG SUBS,Hindi)
Oasis Knebworth 1996 (MA15+) 110 mins
Wed 6:30PM (Alt Cont)
Eternals (M) 156 mins No Free Tickets
Thu Mon Tue Wed 12:20PM, 3:40PM, 7:00PM
Fri Sat 11:15AM, 2:40PM, 6:00PM
Sun 11:15AM, 6:00PM
Sooryavanshi (CTC) 146 mins
Fri Sat 9:20PM (ENG SUBS,Hindi)
Sooryavanshi (CTC) 146 mins
Fri Sat 12:00PM (ENG SUBS,Hindi), 3:10PM (ENG SUBS,Hindi), 6:20PM (ENG SUBS,Hindi)
Sun 12:00PM (ENG SUBS,Hindi), 3:15PM (ENG SUBS,Hindi), 6:30PM (ENG SUBS,Hindi)
Annaatthe - Tamil (CTC) 163 mins
Paani Ch Madhaani (M) 130 mins
Sat 3:45PM (ENG SUBS), 9:30PM (ENG SUBS)
Sun 3:45PM (ENG SUBS)
Fri 9:30PM (ENG SUBS)
Oasis Knebworth 1996 (MA15+) 110 mins
Wed 7:30PM (Alt Cont)
Eternals (M)
The saga of the Eternals, a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilizations.
Halloween Kills (MA15+)
The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode continues in the next thrilling chapter of the Halloween franchise.
Red Notice (M)
In the world of international crime, an Interpol agent attempts to hunt down and capture the world's most wanted art thief.
Sooryavanshi (CTC)
Sooryavanshi is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language action film directed by Rohit Shetty. After Singham (2011), Singham Returns (2014) and Simmba (2018), Sooryavanshi is the fourth instalment of Shetty’s police universe. DCP Veer Sooryavanshi, an intelligence police officer, and his anti-terrorism squad find out that a criminal group is planning to attack Mumbai. Now it’s up to him and his team to catch and punish them as soon as they can. Joining him are Inspector Sangram Bhalerao and DCP Bajirao Singham.
Annaatthe - Tamil (CTC)
It is based on the relationship shared between a brother and his sisters.
Paani Ch Madhaani (M)
Pani ch madhani is a story of a flop singer named Gulli who has come across with a team of losers to be successful. The entire team is focusing much on the waterfalls (jugaad)rather than approach to a flexible resource or efforts. This made them have a good singer named Sohni in there group, because of this they got a show in England But again due to their faults they didn’t grab much opportunity, Sohni shines out alone there and all of there falls back from where they started off . As in state of frustration they place a ticket out for lottery. Which make them actually win but unfortunately they lost the ticket token. They all try to search the ticket in each street of London searching out from avenue to street As far as they didn’t find it and reality came across that success has a mantra of hard work with a approach of dedication not being comfortable with waterfalls (jugaad)
Oasis Knebworth 1996 (MA15+)
On 10th & 11th August 1996, 250,000 young music fans converged on Knebworth Park to see Oasis play two record breaking, era defining shows. The landmark concerts sold out in under a day with over 2% of the UK population attempting to buy tickets. This was a time when the UK was slowly recovering from a decade of recession. A surging confidence in arts and culture ushered in Cool Britannia and Oasis meteoric rise reflected the country's new found conviction and swagger. Featuring a setlist packed from beginning to end with stone cold classics, including Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back In Anger, the Knebworth concerts were both the pinnacle of the band’s success and the landmark gathering for a generation. Oasis Knebworth 1996 is the story of that weekend and the special relationship between Oasis and their fans that made it possible. It is told through the eyes of the fans who were there, with additional interviews with the band and concert organisers. Directed by Jake Scott from extensive concert and exclusive never before seen footage, this is a joyful and at times poignant cinematic celebration of one of the most important concert events of the last 25 years.
ENG SUBS - English Subtitles, Hindi - Hindi, Alt Cont - Alternate Content, TAMIL - TAMIL