Sessions: Thu 27 April - Wed 3 May
Manuka 02 6295 9042
6 Franklin Street
Manuka, ACT, 2603
Traditional Sessions
Bad Girl (MA15+) 90 mins

Fri 4:00PM, 6:40PM

Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed 6:40PM

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion - Hindi Version (MA15+) 170 mins No Free Tickets

Fri Sat 3:15PM, 8:40PM

Sun 3:15PM, 9:00PM

Mon Tue Wed 3:00PM, 8:50PM

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion - Malayalam Version (MA15+) 170 mins

Sun 3:10PM

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion - Tamil Version (MA15+) 170 mins No Free Tickets

Fri 3:00PM, 8:50PM

Sat 2:50PM, 9:00PM

Sun 8:50PM

Mon Tue Wed 3:15PM, 8:40PM

Beauty and the Beast (PG) 129 mins

Fri Sat Mon Tue Wed 10:10AM, 12:50PM, 6:15PM

Sun 10:00AM, 12:35PM, 6:25PM

Get Out (MA15+) 104 mins No Free Tickets

Fri Sun 9:30PM

Sat 8:50PM

Going in Style (M) 96 mins

Fri 1:00PM

Sat Sun 2:15PM, 6:30PM

Mon Tue Wed 10:00AM, 12:15PM, 2:30PM, 6:40PM

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (M) 136 mins No Free Tickets

Fri 10:00AM, 12:50PM, 3:40PM, 6:30PM, 8:50PM, 9:15PM 3D

Sat Sun 10:00AM, 12:50PM, 3:40PM, 6:30PM, 8:40PM, 9:15PM 3D

Mon Tue Wed 10:00AM, 12:50PM, 3:40PM, 6:30PM, 8:45PM, 9:15PM 3D

Hidden Figures (PG) 127 mins

Mon 3:50PM

Tue Wed 3:30PM

Lion (PG) 118 mins

Fri 10:30AM

Mon Tue Wed 10:00AM

Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience (G) 73 mins

Sat Sun 10:00AM

Raw (R18+) 98 mins

Fri 3:15PM

Sat Sun 4:20PM

Mon Tue Wed 4:35PM

Rules Don't Apply (M) 127 mins

Fri 1:15PM

Sat 10:30AM, 1:15PM, 6:15PM

Sun 10:30AM, 1:15PM, 6:50PM

Mon 1:15PM, 6:30PM

Tue Wed 10:15AM, 12:50PM, 6:15PM

The Boss Baby (G) 97 mins

Sat Sun 10:00AM, 12:10PM

The Fate of the Furious (M) 136 mins

Fri 10:30AM, 12:30PM, 3:30PM

Sat Tue Wed 12:30PM, 3:30PM, 8:50PM

Sun 12:30PM, 9:00PM

Mon 10:30AM, 12:30PM, 3:30PM, 8:50PM

The Good, The Bad & The Corny (CTC) 107 mins

Fri 7:00PM

Sun 4:30PM

The LEGO Batman Movie (PG) 104 mins

Fri Sat Sun 10:15AM

Their Finest (M) 117 mins

Fri 10:00AM, 12:30PM, 6:20PM

Sat 12:25PM, 3:50PM

Sun 12:30PM, 6:20PM

Mon 10:00AM, 12:30PM, 6:20PM, 9:10PM

Tue Wed 10:00AM, 12:30PM, 6:20PM, 8:50PM

Film Synopsis
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (M)
Set to the all-new sonic backdrop of Awesome Mixtape #2, Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” continues the team’s adventures as they traverse the outer reaches of the cosmos. The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage. Old foes become new allies and fan-favourite characters from the classic comics will come to our heroes’ aid as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand.
The Fate of the Furious (M)
Now that Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are on their honeymoon, Brian and Mia have retired from the game, and the rest of the crew has been exonerated, the globetrotting team has found a semblance of a normal life. But when a mysterious woman seduces Dom back into a world of crime that he can't seem to escape, the crew will face trials that will test them as never before.
Beauty and the Beast (PG)
An adaptation of the classic fairy-tale about a monstrous prince and a young woman who fall in love.
Going in Style (M)
Three senior citizens in their 70s who live together are slowly decaying in endless days with nothing to do but feed the birds. One of them comes up with an idea - rob a bank. They certainly could use the money if they get away with it, and if they are caught, what could happen to three old men?
Their Finest (M)
A British film crew attempts to boost morale during World War II by making a propaganda film after the Blitzkrieg.
The Boss Baby (G)
A suit-wearing briefcase-carrying baby pairs up with his seven-year old brother to stop the dastardly plot of the CEO of Puppy Co.
Get Out (MA15+)
A young African-American man visits his Caucasian girlfriend's mysterious family estate.
Bahubali 2: The Conclusion - Hindi Version (MA15+)
**Hindi with English subtitles** A tale of two cousins in the Kingdom of Mahishmati, India. Two brothers clash for control of a kingdom.
Bahubali 2: The Conclusion - Tamil Version (MA15+)
**Tamil version** A tale of two cousins in the Kingdom of Mahishmati, India. Two brothers clash for control of a kingdom.
The LEGO Batman Movie (PG)
Bruce Wayne must not only deal with the criminals of Gotham City, but also the responsibility of raising a boy he adopted.
Rules Don't Apply (M)
An unconventional love story of an aspiring actress, her determined driver, and the eccentric billionaire who they work for.
Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience (G)
Join Peppa on her first Australian holiday as she visits her friend Kylie Kangaroo and family! On this exclusive four-part adventure see Peppa visit the outback for a barbeque, learn to surf, throw a boomerang and see the Great Barrier Reef in a submarine! Watch out for special new appearances from Mr Wallaby, a platypus and a koala!
Bahubali 2: The Conclusion - Malayalam Version (MA15+)
**Malayalam version** A tale of two cousins in the Kingdom of Mahishmati, India. Two brothers clash for control of a kingdom.
Raw (R18+)
When a young vegetarian undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual at vet school, an unbidden taste for meat begins to grow in her.
Bad Girl (MA15+)
Amy returns home to a house she doesn't know to adopted parents she doesn't care for in a country town where there's nothing to do following a stint in a juvenile corrections centre. She's done something terrible and she's capable of much worse. Despite the love and support her parents provide, Amy plans on escaping. To make matters worse local girl Chloe is everything she is not; in looks, manners and behaviour. Their attraction to each other is immediate and it will have dire consequences for
The Good, The Bad & The Corny (CTC)
A famous football Player (Pejman Jamshidi) and a well known cheesy TV Actor (Saam Derakhshani) are cast in a serious crime thriller as detectives directed by Mani Haghighi, Well known Iranian director. They get trained by one of the top policemen of the city (Hamid Farrokhnejad) who is tough and very disimplined unlike the two. At the start everything is joke to the new actors, but, along the way, they get invoilved in a real life criminal situation against the real mobs.
Lion (PG)
A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometres from home. He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia; 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family.
Hidden Figures (PG)
A team of African-American women provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program's first successful space missions.