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Charlie's Angels (M) 118 mins
Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed 10:30AM, 1:10PM, 6:40PM
Terminator: Dark Fate (MA15+) 128 mins
Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed 3:50PM, 9:15PM
JFF - Kingdom (UNCL 15+) 134 mins
Fri 8:45PM (Japanese)
JFF - Fly Me to the Saitama (UNCL G) 107 mins
Sat 8:45PM (Japanese)
JFF - Tower of Sun (UNCL G) 112 mins
Thu 6:30PM (Japanese)
JFF - A Girl Missing (UNCL 15+) 100 mins
Sun 6:30PM (Japanese)
Ford v Ferrari (M) 152 mins
Wed 10:30AM
Knives Out (M) 130 mins No Free Tickets
Fri 1:15PM
Sat 3:45PM
Sun 1:00PM
Playing with Fire (PG) 96 mins No Free Tickets
Sun 2:00PM (LOOP)
Bilched (MA15+) 97 mins
Thu 7:00PM (Alt Cont)
Fri 8:45PM (Alt Cont)
Sat 1:15PM (Alt Cont)
Sun 3:50PM (Alt Cont)
The Addams Family (PG) 87 mins No Free Tickets
Sat 10:30AM
Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan (PG) 113 mins
Mon 6:30PM
Everybody's Everything (UNCL 18+) 114 mins
Wed 7:00PM (Alt Cont)
Depeche Mode - Spirits in the Forest (CTC) 95 mins No Free Tickets
Thu 7:00PM (Alt Cont)
Ocean Waves (PG) 72 mins No Free Tickets
Thu 6:30PM (ENG SUBS,Japanese)
JFF - And Your Bird Can Sing (UNCL 15+) 106 mins
Sat 3:45PM (Japanese)
JFF - Rent a Friend (UNCL G) 78 mins
Fri 8:30PM (Japanese)
JFF - Sea of Revival (UNCL 15+) 110 mins
Sat 6:00PM (Japanese)
Thu 8:30PM (Japanese)
JFF - JK Rock (UNCL G) 92 mins
Sun 3:45PM (Japanese)
JFF - Little Love Song (UNCL 15+) 123 mins
Sun 10:30AM (Japanese)
Thu 6:00PM (Japanese)
JFF - Born Bone Born (UNCL 15+) 111 mins
Sat 6:15PM (Japanese)
JFF - Samurai Shifters (UNCL G) 120 mins
Sun 1:25PM (Japanese)
JFF - My Dad is a Heel Wrestler (UNCL G) 111 mins
Sat 11:00AM (Japanese)
JFF - Brave Father Online - Our Story of FINAL FANTASY XIV (UNCL G) 114 mins
Sun 11:00AM (Japanese)
JFF - Dance With Me (UNCL G) 123 mins
Fri 6:15PM (Japanese)
JFF - Moonless Dawn (UNCL 15+) 57 mins
Thu 8:45PM (Japanese)
JFF - My Father The Bride (UNCL G) 100 mins
Sun 3:30PM (Japanese)
JFF - SAINT ☆ YOUNG MEN 2nd Century (UNCL G) 54 mins
Sat 1:15PM (Japanese)
JFF - Little Nights, Little Love (UNCL 15+) 119 mins
Fri 6:00PM (Japanese)
WINDA - The Sun Above Me Never Sets (UNCL 15+) 108 mins
Thu 6:30PM
JFF - Ride Your Wave (UNCL G) 94 mins
Sun 1:40PM (Japanese)
JFF - The Legend of the Stardust Brothers (UNCL 15+) 100 mins
Fri 8:30PM (Japanese)
JFF - NOISE (UNCL 15+) 124 mins
Sat 9:00PM (Japanese)
JFF - Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (UNCL G) 110 mins
Sat 1:30PM (Japanese)
WINDA - Eating Up Easter (UNCL 15+) 76 mins
Fri 1:00PM
WINDA - Iomramh an Chamino - The Camino Voyage (G) 98 mins
Fri 5:00PM
WINDA - Red Snow (UNCL 15+) 100 mins
Fri 7:00PM
WINDA - International Shorts (UNCL 15+) 62 mins
Sat 12:00PM
WINDA - Ushui La Luna Y El Trueno (UNCL 15+) 72 mins
Sat 2:00PM
WINDA - Nipawistamasowin: We Will Stand Up (UNCL 15+) 98 mins
Sat 3:30PM
WINDA - Australian Shorts (UNCL 15+) 70 mins
Sat 5:30PM
WINDA - Robbie Hood (UNCL 15+) 60 mins
Fri 3:00PM
WINDA - Sgaawaay Kluna: Edge of Knife (UNCL 15+) 101 mins
Sat 7:00PM
WINDA - Kylyk Khomus: Cursed Harp (UNCL 15+) 80 mins
Sat 9:00PM
WINDA - Bush Shorts (UNCL 15+) 55 mins
Sun 12:00PM
WINDA - Not Just Numbers (UNCL 15+) 53 mins
Sun 1:30PM
WINDA - Restless River (UNCL 15+) 99 mins
Sun 3:00PM
Ford v Ferrari (M)
Academy Award-winners Matt Damon and Christian Bale star in the remarkable true story of two 20th century mavericks who joined forces and rocked the world. Directed by James Mangold (Logan, Walk The Line), the film chronicles the relationship between visionary American car designer Carroll Shelby (Damon) and the fearless British-born driver Ken Miles (Bale), who together battled corporate interference, the laws of physics, and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford Motor Company and take on the dominating race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.
Charlie's Angels (M)
Elizabeth Banks directs the next generation of Angels – Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska – working for the mysterious Charles Townsend. Charlie’s Angels have always provided security and investigative skills to private clients, and now the Townsend Agency has expanded internationally, with the smartest, most fearless, most highly trained women all over the globe – multiple teams of Angels guided by multiple Bosleys taking on the toughest jobs across the world. When a young systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, these Angels are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect us all.
Terminator: Dark Fate (MA15+)
Returning to the original premise of the first two TERMINATOR films, where an unstoppable killing machine relentlessly pursues an unsuspecting human target in our contemporary world, TERMINATOR DARK FATE picks up where T2 left off. With the return of the franchise creator James Cameron and its two iconic stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, this ultimate big-screen spectacle features new characters, intense action and cutting-edge special visual effects – all from the visionary director of DEADPOOL, Tim Miller.
Knives Out (M)
Acclaimed writer and director Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper, The Last Jedi) pays tribute to mystery mastermind Agatha Christie in KNIVES OUT, a fun, modern-day murder mystery where everyone is a suspect. When renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) is found dead at his estate just after his 85th birthday, the inquisitive and debonair Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is mysteriously enlisted to investigate. From Harlan’s dysfunctional family to his devoted staff, Blanc sifts through a web of red herrings and self-serving lies to uncover the truth behind Harlan’s untimely death. KNIVES OUT is a witty and stylish whodunit guaranteed to keep audiences guessing until the very end.
Playing with Fire (PG)
A crew of rugged fighters meet their match when attempting to rescue three rambunctious kids.
Bilched (MA15+)
Bilched (slang) noun – a life-changing adventure that defies logic. BILCHED is an Australian teen comedy centred around HSC finals and graduation with a strong connection for Year 11/ 12s and university students. Written by and starring Hal Cumpston, the film was written immediately following his own schoolies week and shot 12 months later. Following BILCHED, Hal secured a lead role in the reboot of Walking Dead (currently in production) and is likely to be the next Australian Hollywood superstar, so don’t miss his first masterpiece – BILCHED.
The Addams Family (PG)
Get ready to snap your fingers! The Addams Family is back on the big screen in the first animated comedy about this creepy and kooky clan. You may think your family is weird but the outlandish, bizarre, and completely iconic Addams Family, will have you thinking again.
Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan (PG)
James T. Kirk and Capt. Spock monitor trainees at Starfleet Academy. Two of Kirk's officers are captured by Khan (Ricardo Montalban), an enemy Kirk thought he'd never see again. Once more, Kirk takes the Enterprise's helm, where he meets Khan's ship in an intergalactic showdown.
Everybody's Everything (UNCL 18+)
Creating a unique mix of punk, emo and trap, Lil Peep was set to bring a new musical genre to the mainstream when he died of a drug overdose at just 21 years old. From the streets of Los Angeles to studios in London and sold-out tours in Russia, the artist born Gustav Ahr touched countless lives through his words, his sound and his very being. Executive produced by Terrence Malick, Everybody’s Everything is an intimate, humanistic portrait that seeks to understand an artist who attempted to be all things to all people.
Depeche Mode - Spirits in the Forest (CTC)
Artfully shot and expertly edited, Depeche Mode: SPIRITS in the Forest goes beyond the typical concert film, weaving together exhilarating musical performances, filmed at the final shows of the Global Spirit Tour in Berlin’s famed Waldbühne (“Forest Stage”), with intimate documentary footage filmed in fans’ hometowns across the globe.
Ocean Waves (PG)
**Japanese with English subtitles** As he journeys back from Tokyo to his high school for a reunion, Taku Morisaki recounts his memories of his school days, focussing in particular on a love triangle that developed between him and two of his friends.
JFF - Kingdom (UNCL 15+)
Based on the bestselling manga series of the same name, director Shinsuke Sato’s live-action adaptation is a historical adventure about the warring states of China during 475-221 BC. The tale follows two boys orphaned by war, Shin (Kento Yamazaki) and Hyou (Ryo Yoshizawa). They’re determined to become the greatest army generals the world has ever seen! They’re working towards their dream but the now young men are suddenly separated when Hyou is summoned to protect the king. After a series of tragic events, Shin is faced with a treacherous journey to restore justice and fulfil his destiny.
JFF - Fly Me to the Saitama (UNCL G)
In a reality where people from neighbouring prefectures are persecuted for entering Tokyo without a visa, Rei Asami (GACKT) a transfer student and secret Saitama revolutionist, is on a mission to abolish the laws perpetrated against residents of Saitama. Upon entering his new high school, Rei becomes the new favourite among his elite Tokyo classmates, much to the dismay of Momomi Dannoura (Fumi Nikaido), son of the governor of Tokyo and student council president. It isn’t long before Momomi finds out about Rei’s secret, and in an unexpected turn of events, Momomi flips from anger to supporting Rei in his quest for equality.
JFF - And Your Bird Can Sing (UNCL 15+)
When enigmatic Sachiko forms a “no-drama” relationship with her slacker bookstore colleague and meets his unemployed roommate, Shizuo (Shota Sometani, Himizu), the three young adults’ lives become intimately entangled. Wasting away evenings together drinking, burning through cash, playing billiards and clubbing ‘til sunrise, a muted magnetism grows between Sachiko and Shizuo. Committing only to living in the moment, the trio drift around Hakodate—knowing, but never mentioning, that summer will eventually end. Atmospheric and authentic, Sho Miyake’s second feature film delivers superb performances, sensitivity and melancholic charm.
JFF - Rent a Friend (UNCL G)
A chance encounter with Yanasa, a charming rental friend, offers columnist Nasa a saucy new article series: testing the romantic boundaries of platonic friendship between a man and a woman. When Nasa’s roommate also finds an easy connection with Yanasa through their shared passion for music, a messy triangle of blurred friendship and love emerges. Nasa begins to question: how much of Yanasa’s hired friendship is authentic and how much is the performance of a professional? Most importantly, who in the friendship group will be the first to ‘cross the line’?
JFF - Sea of Revival (UNCL 15+)
Ikou is a 40-year-old punter living with his kind-hearted partner Ayumi and her angsty teenage daughter from a former relationship. When Ayumi’s father is diagnosed with stage IV cancer, the trio decides to relocate to her small coastal hometown in Miyagi to provide support. They finally have an opportunity for a fresh start, but their struggles follow them. When a shocking death brings Ikou to the attention of the police, the pressure drags him deeper into the underworld of his illegal sports gambling addiction.
JFF - JK Rock (UNCL G)
On the cusp of fame, the rock band the JoKers mysteriously splits up. One year later, vocalist Jyo Kodukai has debuted in the U.S., while guitarist Jyo Kaieda is a miserable, entitled, handsome university student with only a purple sports car to show for his former glory days. When begged by an eccentric rock café owner to mentor the new all-girl high-schooler rock band Drop Doll, Jyo Kaieda begrudgingly starts training the rookie rockers. As they master their sound, the girls start to love playing together⁠—and their passion for rock is simply infectious!
JFF - Little Love Song (UNCL 15+)
An Okinawan high school band is on the precipice of getting their big break in Tokyo when one of the members is tragically killed in a hit-and-run accident. The band dissolves, political tensions on the island rise and grief-stricken loved ones are left behind, until one day Mai Fukumura uncovers a never-before-heard song by the deceased band member. The band gets back together to play it, allowing his spirit to live on through the melody. Inspired by the songs of MONGOL800, this coming of age film will make you believe in the power of music.
JFF - Born Bone Born (UNCL 15+)
Four years after Emiko’s death, her family reunite for an Okinawan funerary ritual known as a senkotsu (bone washing) ceremony. Since her death, her husband has become an alcoholic, her son is having marital woes, and her daughter is heavily pregnant and single. Nothing has been easy for this family, and now they are forced to deal with each other’s problems, as well as their own. Born Bone Born is beautifully strange and universally human, taking a melancholic story and spinning it into a light-hearted, comedic drama about how family will always be there for you—even if they have to be dragged, kicking and screaming.
JFF - Samurai Shifters (UNCL G)
Socially awkward Katagiri Harunosuke (Gen Hoshino) is a samurai bookworm who is stuck between a rock and the entire samurai clan. Threatened with harakiri, he is forced to take charge of a large-scale mission to relocate his whole town across the water and over 500 kilometres away. Thankfully Oran Itakura (Mitsuki Takahata), daughter of the former relocation chief understands the difficulties ahead and offers to help the pitiful Katagiri. Now with the assistance of Oran and a very tight budget to work with, Katagiri must come up with ingenious ways to fund the move and persuade fellow civilians to pack light—including a decluttering approach Marie Kondo would adore.
JFF - My Dad is a Heel Wrestler (UNCL G)
Takashi Omura’s career as a professional wrestling champion takes a hard knock when his dramatic final move, the Fly High Slam, results in a knee injury. Ten years later, he hasn’t told his son, Shota, about his new persona as a heel wrestler—the despicable Cockroach (Gokiburi) Mask. Their relationship is strained when Shota uncovers his father’s secret, but opportunity calls when Takashi gets a second chance at the Z1 Climax tournament. Will Takashi overcome his injuries and regain the respect of his son?
JFF - Brave Father Online - Our Story of FINAL FANTASY XIV (UNCL G)
JFF - Dance With Me (UNCL G)
Musical meets road trip in this light-hearted comedy with an outstanding performance by Ayaka Miyoshi! Shizuka (Ayaka Miyoshi) is climbing the corporate ladder while trying to keep her crush on her charming boss a secret. Envious of her lucky-in-love friends, she decides to visit a fortune teller to see if she’ll ever get married. On the way, she meets with a girl going to see a hypnotist (Akira Takarada), desperate to cure her shyness so she can star in a musical. When they arrive, the hypnotist confuses the two, cursing Shizuka to dance whenever she hears music! Shizuka, desperate to break the curse, embarks on a hunt for the shifty hypnotist, dancing the whole way.
JFF - Tower of Sun (UNCL G)
Fondly thought of as the Picasso of Japan, Taro Okamoto worked as a prolific avant-garde artist, philosopher, and writer until his death at 85 years old. Kosai Sekine’s colourfully ambitious debut documentary is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the roots of Okamoto’s iconic work, Tower of the Sun, constructed for the government-organised Expo ’70 in Osaka, themed "Progress and Harmony for Mankind”. Conversely, the artist’s 70-metre tall tower was the antithesis to this message and a comment on Okamoto’s political and social concerns for the future of Japan. Get to know the artist behind the one-of-a-kind Tower of the Sun in this beautiful and powerful documentary.
JFF - A Girl Missing (UNCL 15+)
Diligent home care nurse Ichiko is a fixture of her client’s family life: nursing the ailing grandmother and warmly supporting the granddaughters. After a seemingly normal day, the youngest granddaughter fails to return home and vanishes without a trace. Ichiko’s devastation deepens when she learns her own nephew was arrested for the crime. However, Ichiko is convinced by the victim’s older sister to keep it secret and attempts to maintain her respectable identity while her world steadily begins to crumble. Director Koji Fukuda and actress Mariko Tsutsui return after Cannes award-winning Harmonium in this consuming, slow-burn portrait of demise.
JFF - Moonless Dawn (UNCL 15+)
Three junior high school students deal with the difficulties of adolescence in Harika Abe’s debut feature film. Kou is adrift in life, with no sense of purpose or direction, Yuka fills the void inside her by dating strangers she meets on the street, and Saki is stuck in the middle of never-ending fights between her parents, unable to feel comfortable at home or in school. For Yuka and Saki, music by their favourite artist is a welcome escape from their everyday lives, until one day it is all taken offline. Without a soundtrack to immerse themselves in, the girls seek out the producer and discover life beyond the music.
JFF - My Father The Bride (UNCL G)
Returning home for her mother’s second memorial service was never going to be easy for Tohka. Needless to say, she’s confused and in shock when greeted by her father wearing her mother’s dress. At the family dinner table, he introduces his new fiancé: the local handyman. While everyone else is delighted with her dad’s decisions, Tohka simply can’t accept her dad becoming her mum. Infused with a quirky pop sensibility, the heart-warming appeal of home cooking, and the simplicity of everyday life, 28-year-old female director Momoko Fukada perfectly captures the meaning of family.
JFF - SAINT ☆ YOUNG MEN 2nd Century (UNCL G)
Based on a popular manga, SAINT☆YOUNG MEN 2nd Century imagines a world where Jesus Christ (Kenichi Matsuyama: Death Note) and Gautama Buddha (Shota Sometani: Himizu) take a vacation on earth and become roommates in an apartment in Tokyo. Hilarity ensues as they attempt to hide their identities and partake in all that modern Japanese society has to offer, including cosplay in the otaku mecca that is Akihabara!
JFF - Little Nights, Little Love (UNCL 15+)
Sato is hopelessly single, waiting for that perfect meet-cute moment with the girl of his dreams. Minako is seeing a client’s brother, but they only talk on the phone, never meeting in person—until she discovers that he’ll ask her to be his official girlfriend if the world boxing contender from Japan wins the championship. The problem is, Minako doesn’t even like boxing! Based on the collected short stories of Kotaro Isaka, Little Nights, Little Love follows Sato, Minako and those around them over a 10 year period, showing how love, hope and friendship bring together the most unlikely of people.
WINDA - The Sun Above Me Never Sets (UNCL 15+)
Having quarrelled with his father, Altan goes to work in the North. He will have to spend a month alone on a deserted island. But soon a neighbour appears. He is old Baibal who has come to the island to spend the last days of his life. He asks Altan to bury him next to his wife. But Altan finds out that long ago the old man’s daughter went missing. He talks the old man into publishing an entertainment blog to find his daughter and put off Baibal’s death. Every day Altan does his best to stimulate the old man to live another beautiful day.
JFF - Ride Your Wave (UNCL G)
Surf’s up every day for free-spirited Hinako after she moves to the seaside! When her apartment block catches ablaze and courageous firefighter Minato comes to the rescue, sparks of romance fly and soon the two are blissfully catching waves together and singing to the sunset. Their happiness is cut tragically short when Minato runs into trouble while rescuing a stranger at the beach, leaving Hinako heartbroken, singing their song and clinging to precious memories. The sun-drenched and vivid spectacle of Masaaki Yuasa’s animation shines in this imaginative and heartfelt story of bravery and love.
JFF - The Legend of the Stardust Brothers (UNCL 15+)
The corporate pop music machine sucks in wide-eyed rival wannabes Kan and Shingo and spits out the bedazzled and fabulous ‘Stardust Brothers’. Propelled to instant fame, their catchy lyrics soon take on a new meaning: ‘once you reach No. 1, you can only go down’. At only 23, director Macoto Tezka (son of animation legend Osamu Tezuka) crafted the film around an existing soundtrack imagined for film. Resurrected from obscurity, this 8mm cult classic is an invitation to embrace the cringe and creativity, marvel at low budget 80’s special effects and costuming, and tally the endless celebrity cameos.
A playground for anime, gaming and idol subcultures, Akihabara is also home to a shady underbelly riddled with exploitation and isolation out of tourists’ view. Eight years after the Akihabara massacre, the ripple effects of trauma manifest in the lives of three young adults: Misa, whose mother was killed in the incident, is an underground idol and JK masseuse; Rie, who secretly dropped out of school to hang with the wrong crowd; and Ken, dragged into debt by his own mother, with a festering violent streak waiting to unleash.
JFF - Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (UNCL G)
When Conan’s friends travel to Singapore, he’s forced to stay back in Japan because he doesn’t have a passport. But there’s no rest for this detective, as he’s transported to Singapore against his will by his nemesis, the charismatic thief Kaitō Kid. The two begrudgingly agree to a temporary truce and soon find themselves embroiled in a case involving a martial arts tournament and a mysterious blue sapphire. When Kaitō Kid is framed for stealing the blue sapphire and women are turning up dead, suddenly Conan’s lack of a passport is the least of his problems!
WINDA - Eating Up Easter (UNCL 15+)
In a cinematic letter to his son, native Rapanui (Easter Island) filmmaker Sergio Mata’u Rapu explores the modern dilemma of their people, descendants of the ancient statue builders, as they face the consequences of their rapidly developing home.
WINDA - Iomramh an Chamino - The Camino Voyage (G)
A crew of a Writer, two Musicians, an Artist and a Stonemason embark on the Camino by sea. They make their way from Ireland to Northern Spain in a traditional boat that they built themselves on an inspiring, and dangerous, 2,500 km modern day Celtic odyssey.
WINDA - Red Snow (UNCL 15+)
Dylan, a Gwich'in soldier from the Canadian Arctic, is caught in an ambush in Kandahar, Afghanistan. His capture and interrogation by a Taliban Commander releases a cache of memories connected to the love and death of his Inuit cousin, Asana, and binds him closer to a Pashtun family as they escape across treacherous landscapes and through a blizzard that becomes their key to survival.
WINDA - International Shorts (UNCL 15+)
OUR PLACE IN THE WORLD: Whether on the journey as a young person to find where you fit in, fighting the colonial structures, or fighting yourself, we all need to find our place in the world.
WINDA - Ushui La Luna Y El Trueno (UNCL 15+)
The Wiwa of the Sierra Nevada ready their cameras. Today their message is spread by the Saga, a group of women whose mission is to care for and protect nature’s seeds.
WINDA - Nipawistamasowin: We Will Stand Up (UNCL 15+)
On August 9, 2016, a young Cree man named Colten Boushie died from a gunshot to the back of his head after entering Gerald Stanley’s rural property with his friends. The jury’s subsequent acquittal of Stanley captured international attention, raising questions about racism embedded within Canada’s legal system and propelling Colten’s family to national and international stages in their pursuit of justice.
WINDA - Australian Shorts (UNCL 15+)
BOUNDED BY SEA: A collection of Australian shorts that talk to generational stories of owning the decisions that you make.
WINDA - Robbie Hood (UNCL 15+)
Robbie Hood is a charismatic thirteen-year-old misfit with a heart of gold, who skirts the law to right the wrongs he sees taking place in his community.
WINDA - Sgaawaay Kluna: Edge of Knife (UNCL 15+)
In a 19th-century summer, two large families gather for their annual fishing retreat on the far-removed island of Haida Gwaii. Adiits'ii, a charming nobleman, accidentally causes the death of his best friend Kwa's son and hastens into the wilderness. Adiits'ii is tormented by what he has done and spirals into insanity, becoming Gaagiixid, a supernatural being crazed by hunger. He unexpectedly survives the winter, and at next year's gathering, the families try to convert Gaagiixid back to Adiitst'ii.
WINDA - Kylyk Khomus: Cursed Harp (UNCL 15+)
When a new teacher comes to town, her world is quickly turned upside down when her sister's child arrives on her doorstep after an accident. The Teacher meets the local fix-it-man and he shows her around the community. On visiting his dad's museum, Sardaana is drawn to playing a haunted Khomus, releasing a creature. Once released, strange things begin to happen.
WINDA - Bush Shorts (UNCL 15+)
A collection of films made in remote parts of our community, supported by ICTV who offer a snapshot of films from their awards this year. From student films to emerging filmmakers to storytellers in media organisations, we traverse around Australia.
WINDA - Not Just Numbers (UNCL 15+)
Not Just Numbers is an inspirational journey of a group of Indigenous Australian women to stop family violence in their communities. They are fighting to be seen, not just counted.
WINDA - Restless River (UNCL 15+)
Kuujjuaq, Nunavik 1940s. Navigating the social norms of the colonizers and the reality of her own family situation, the young Inuk Elsa draws courage from her land to become a woman as strong and independent as the restless river that cuts across it.
Japanese - Japanese, LOOP - Hearing Aid Loop, Alt Cont - Alternate Content, ENG SUBS - English Subtitles