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Deadpool & Wolverine (MA15+) 128 mins
Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed 10:30AM 3D (LOOP), 1:40PM 3D (LOOP), 4:50PM 3D (LOOP), 8:00PM 3D (LOOP)
Deadpool & Wolverine (MA15+) 128 mins No Free Tickets
Thu 11:30AM (LOOP), 1:30PM (LOOP), 2:30PM (LOOP), 4:30PM (LOOP), 5:30PM (LOOP), 8:00PM (LOOP), 8:30PM (LOOP)
Fri Mon 11:00AM (LOOP), 12:30PM (LOOP), 2:00PM (LOOP), 3:30PM (LOOP), 5:00PM (LOOP), 6:30PM (LOOP), 8:00PM (LOOP), 9:30PM (LOOP)
Sat Sun Tue 11:00AM (LOOP), 12:30PM (LOOP), 2:00PM (LOOP), 3:30PM (LOOP), 5:00PM (LOOP), 6:30PM (LOOP), 8:00PM (LOOP), 9:20PM (LOOP)
Wed 11:00AM (LOOP), 12:30PM (LOOP), 2:00PM (LOOP), 5:00PM (LOOP), 6:30PM (LOOP), 8:00PM (LOOP), 9:20PM (LOOP)
Deadpool & Wolverine (MA15+) 128 mins No Free Tickets
Thu 10:00AM (IR), 12:00PM (IR), 1:00PM (IR), 3:00PM (IR), 4:00PM (IR), 6:00PM (IR), 7:00PM (IR), 7:30PM (IR), 9:00PM (IR), 9:20PM (IR)
Fri 10:00AM (IR), 12:00PM (IR), 1:00PM (IR), 3:00PM (IR), 4:00PM (IR), 6:00PM (IR), 7:00PM (IR), 9:00PM (IR)
Sat Sun Mon Tue 10:00AM (IR), 12:00PM (IR), 1:00PM (IR), 3:00PM (IR), 4:00PM (IR), 6:00PM (IR), 7:00PM (IR), 7:30PM (IR), 9:00PM (IR)
Wed 10:00AM (IR), 12:00PM (IR), 1:00PM (IR), 3:00PM (IR), 4:00PM (IR), 6:00PM (IR), 7:00PM (IR), 8:30PM (IR), 9:00PM (IR)
Twisters (M) 125 mins No Free Tickets
Thu 2:00PM (IR), 6:30PM (IR)
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue 11:30AM (IR), 2:30PM (IR), 8:30PM (IR)
Wed 11:30AM (IR), 2:30PM (IR)
Inside Out 2 (PG) 96 mins No Free Tickets
Wed Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue 10:30AM (IR)
Longlegs (MA15+) 101 mins No Free Tickets
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed 5:30PM (IR)
Thu 3:30PM (IR)
A Quiet Place: Day One (M) 104 mins
Wed Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue 1:30PM (IR), 4:30PM (IR)
Thu 12:30PM (IR)
Deadpool & Wolverine (MA15+) 128 mins No Free Tickets
Thu 9:30AM (Recliner,IR), 11:30AM (Recliner,IR), 12:30PM (Recliner,IR), 2:40PM (Recliner,IR), 3:30PM (Recliner,IR), 6:40PM (Recliner,IR), 9:20PM (Recliner,IR), 9:45PM (Recliner,IR)
Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed 9:30AM (Recliner,IR), 11:45AM (Recliner,IR), 12:30PM (Recliner,IR), 2:50PM (Recliner,IR), 3:30PM (Recliner,IR), 6:00PM (Recliner,IR), 6:40PM (Recliner,IR), 9:10PM (Recliner,IR), 9:45PM (Recliner,IR)
Deadpool & Wolverine (MA15+) 128 mins No Free Tickets
Thu 10:00AM (AD,CC,IR), 1:10PM (AD,CC,IR), 4:20PM (AD,CC,IR), 7:30PM (AD,CC,IR)
Fri 10:00AM (AD,CC,IR), 11:10AM (IR), 1:10PM (AD,CC,IR), 2:15PM (IR), 4:20PM (AD,CC,IR), 5:20PM (IR), 7:30PM (IR), 8:30PM (IR)
Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed 10:00AM (AD,CC,IR), 11:10AM (IR), 1:10PM (AD,CC,IR), 2:15PM (IR), 4:20PM (AD,CC,IR), 5:20PM (IR), 7:30PM (AD,CC,IR), 8:30PM (IR)
Frozen (PG) 101 mins
Sat Sun 10:00AM (CC,IR)
Blackpink World Tour (Born Pink) in Cinemas (PG) 110 mins No Free Tickets
Wed 6:00PM (LOOP,Alt Cont)
Deadpool & Wolverine (MA15+)
Marvel’s best frenemies are back on screen together. Ryan Reynolds’ hilarious potty mouth and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will take audiences on a rollercoaster ride of action, adventure, humour and unexpected twists and turns. See it early from 6pm Wednesday 24 July at our preview screenings and catch it in season from 25 July. Book tickets now!
Twisters (M)
This year, the epic studio disaster movie returns with an adrenaline-pumping, seat-gripping, big-screen thrill ride that puts you in direct contact with one of nature's most wondrous—and destructive—forces. From the producers of the Jurassic, Bourne and Indiana Jones series comes Twisters, a current-day chapter of the 1996 blockbuster, Twister. Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, the Oscar-nominated writer-director of Minari, Twisters stars Golden Globe nominee Daisy Edgar- Jones (Where the Crawdads Sing, Normal People) and Glen Powell (Anyone But You, Top Gun: Maverick) as opposing forces who come together to try to predict, and possibly tame, the immense power of tornadoes. Edgar-Jones stars as Kate Cooper, a former storm chaser haunted by a devastating encounter with a tornado during her college years who now studies storm patterns on screens safely in New York City. She is lured back to the open plains by her friend, Javi to test a groundbreaking new tracking system. There, she crosses paths with Tyler Owens (Powell), the charming and reckless social-media superstar who thrives on posting his storm-chasing adventures with his raucous crew, the more dangerous the better. As storm season intensifies, terrifying phenomena never seen before are unleashed, and Kate, Tyler and their competing teams find themselves squarely in the paths of multiple storm systems converging over central Oklahoma in the fight of their lives. Twisters also stars Golden Globe nominee Anthony Ramos (In the Heights) as Javi, alongside David Corenswet (upcoming Superman: Legacy), and features an exciting new cast, including Nope's Brandon Perea, Sasha Lane (American Honey), Daryl McCormack (Peaky Blinders), Kiernan Shipka (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Nik Dodani (Atypical) and Golden Globe winner Maura Tierney (Beautiful Boy). From Amblin Entertainment, Twisters is produced by Oscar nominee Frank Marshall (Jurassic and Indiana Jones franchises) and Patrick Crowley (Jurassic and Bourne franchises). The screenplay is by Mark L. Smith, writer of the Best Picture nominee The Revenant. Twisters will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures internationally and by Universal Pictures in North America.
Inside Out 2 (PG)
Disney and Pixar's "Inside Out 2" returns to the mind of newly minted teenager Riley just as headquarters is undergoing a sudden demolition to make room for something entirely unexpected: new Emotions! Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who've long been running a successful operation by all accounts, aren't sure how to feel when Anxiety shows up. And it looks like she's not alone. Maya Hawke lends her voice to Anxiety, alongside Amy Poehler as the voice of Joy. The voice cast also includes Lewis Black, Phyllis Smith, Tony Hale, Liza Lapira, Ayo Edebiri, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Paul Walter Hauser, Kensington Tallman, Lilimar, Diane Lane, Kyle MacLachlan, Sumayyah Nuriddin-Green, Grace Lu and Yvette Nicole Brown. Directed by Kelsey Mann and produced by Mark Nielsen with a screenplay by Meg LeFauve and Dave Holstein, "Inside Out 2" features a score by Andrea Datzman.
Longlegs (MA15+)
FBI Agent Lee Harker is assigned to an unsolved serial killer case that takes unexpected turns, revealing evidence of the occult. Harker discovers a personal connection to the killer and must stop him before he strikes again.
A Quiet Place: Day One (M)
Experience the day the world went quiet.
Frozen (PG)
Walt Disney Animation Studios presents a chilly twist on one of the most humorous and heartwarming stories ever told.“Disney Animation’s best since The Lion King”(William Bibbiani, CraveOnline) will melt your heart. Fearless optimist Anna sets off on an epic journey — teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven — to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter.
Blackpink World Tour (Born Pink) in Cinemas (PG)
BLACKPINK's BORN PINK tour that captivated the world comes to the big screen, celebrating the group's 8th anniversary since their debut! Drawing an audience of 1.8 million and breaking global records for female group concert tours, experience the energy of the live performances in cinemas worldwide! Featuring the iconic ‘Hanok' set that has mesmerized fans and press worldwide, the film shows unprecedented production scale, presenting exclusively arranged versions of BLACKPINK's hit songs unique to this concert and encompassing performances from Seoul's Gocheok Dome alongside footage from further cities across the global tour. Join us for all the exhilarating moments, premiering in over 110 countries, marking a first for a K-POP female group. Experience even more in special formats ScreenX, 4DX, and ULTRA 4DX!
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