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Alliance Francaise proudly presents its French Fridays Program for 2022.


Join us at 7pm for a program of five specially selected remarkable and diverse French films, all with English subtitles. 


Friday 29 April

Mathieu a young talented black box analyst is on a mission to solve the reason behind the deadly crash of a brand new aircraft. When the case is closed by the authorities he begins to sense there is something wrong with the evidence. Going against his boss' orders he risks his career when he begins his own rogue investigation to discover the truth.

Friday 15 July - Bastille Day celebration film

Based on Balzac's classic novel it's 1821 and Lucien is a young poor unknown poet, who has great expectations. Wanting to forge a destiny for himself, he leaves his native province to go to Paris, on the arm of his protector. There he discovers a world dedicated to the law of profit and pretense. But in a society where profit and status rule, what is really left for Lucien? 

Friday 18 August

14-year-old Nour and his older brothers are growing up in a housing project in the South of France. They take turns caring for their ailing mother, who is in a coma. Nour dreams of being the new Luciano Pavarotti, inspired by La Traviata, which his Italian father used to sing to his mother during their courtship.   A chance meeting with Sarah, an opera singer, finds Nour the opportunity to come out of his shell and explore new horizons.

Friday 16 September 

Based on true events, Mathieu, a gregarious and dedicated diplomat accepts a posting to Irkutsk, as head of Siberia's Alliance Francaise. Hoping the change would be good for his family and struggling marriage, he unwittingly finds himself in conflict with one of the modern era’s most powerful and dangerous forces: Russia’s FSB.

Friday 21 October

50-year-old Antoine has become very hard of hearing and is unable to face up to his handicap. He resigns himself to living in his bubble, even though his entourage finds his behaviour increasingly odd. An encounter with Claire, whose young daughter has stopped speaking will lead him to open up to the world.


DATE: April - October

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